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Quality Care

At Ascend Physical Therapy and Pilates Wellness, patients receive a comprehensive evaluation of posture, strength, range of motion and a functional biomechanical analysis of the involved region by a Physical Therapist.  In order to best address patient needs, therapists collaborate with patients to develop a specific treatment program that addresses the impairments to normal movement. This means we don't just treat what hurts. We get to the source of the problem to improve Treatment may include: joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization (includes myofascial decompression), general manual techniques, postural re-education, therapeutic exercise (includes Pilates), modalities, and preventive injury education.

Osteopath at Work


Private (1), Semi Private (2-3)  & Small Group Reformer Classes

Ascend Physical Therapy and Pilates Wellness offers the following Pilates classes:
- Private 1:1 Reformer Session
- Semi-Private Reformer Duet /Trio (2-3)
- Small Group Reformer Class (4 max)

Reformer Workout


Here For You

Ascend Physical Therapy and Pilates Wellness offers wellness services to help patients improve health and performance after the physical therapy goals have been met. Great attention is applied to injury prevention education, performance enhancement and sport-specific biomechanics and technique. The goal is to help you keep doing what you love to do.

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Not sure of your needs? Ascend PT can help you determine if you need physical therapy and see if we are a good match for each other. Call today for a complimentary 20 min consultation,to see if physical therapy is what you need.

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