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Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

-Gina is a miracle worker! I first came to her in 2014 after nearly 5 months of pain that kept me from doing basic everyday tasks (like zipping zippers and turning door knobs). After a few sessions, Gina had me functioning again! It has been a long road to full recovery but Gina has made it possible, without surgery, thanks to her extensive knowledge and toolset. 

I came back to Gina in 2017 after an urgent care Dr diagnosed me with gout. I went to Gina because I needed a second opinion. She verified my concerns and helped me get a proper diagnosis (partial achilles tear). She gave me exercises to stay strong during my recovery and helped get me back on my feet as soon as possible. 

Gina Nasrah is a thoroughly capable and talented PT! I feel better, both physically and mentally after seeing her and I heartily recommend her services to anyone in need of physical therapy, pain relief or pilates for wellness.    - Sabrina D., Castro Valley

-This is my second time seeing Gina. The first time I saw her for lower back pain and the second time I am seeing her for a frozen shoulder. She's a wonder! She knows soooo much more than any of the doctors I've seen.

Both times I have seen her, I have started to improve after just a few visits. She make sure you do the hard work necessary to heal --- but she is very kind about it. She is also extremely knowledgeable and her understanding of both pilates and physical therapy gives her a really large repertoire of exercises she can use to help you get stronger. She will also help you solve every day issues - like how to drive with less pain to your back or shoulder.
I can't say enough good things about Gina. You'll be so glad you decided to see her!    - Molly A., Alameda

- I have the pleasure of knowing and working with Gina as my physical therapist and as my Pilates teacher.  Gina introduced me to Pilates during my rehab physical therapy following back surgery in November 2017. Gina is a professional who is great at encouraging and challenging you to meet your fitness goals. She has helped me to regain my strength following surgery and I continue to get stronger because of the commitment I have made and she has made to me  - Mary A., San Leandro

- I have known Gina for approximately the past 2 years.    I had always wanted to do Pilates but there was never a studio in Castro Valley.  We initially met while I was doing physical therapy for an ankle injury that I had.  She wasn't my PT but I saw how she worked with patients and saw the Pilates equipment.  When I completed my PT sessions, I asked Gina if I could work with her on learning Pilates. We started our sessions and I was amazed and how professional and knowledgeable Gina was.  She is very careful making sure that your body/neck is always in the correct position and that you don't injure yourself doing exercise.   I had neck and back issues, so this was very important.  Her direction is clear and precise and easy to understand how and why you're doing a particular exercise.  Having her Physical Therapy background allowed her to help in that area as well.  My body due to the ankle injury needed to be strengthened in several areas and was out of alignment.    What I really liked is that you get the best of both worlds.   A Pilates instructor, but much, much more with a Physical Therapy trained background, you also get the knowledge and experience  in how the body functions and how to strengthen areas that need help.    I really enjoyed our sessions together.  What's funny is that she actually taught me to BREATHE correctly, lol.  - Fay H., Castro Valley 

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